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Model: John MacKay
Interior Model: John MacKay
Custom Gauges Dwight Furleigh
Exterior Textures John MacKay
Bump Maps: Fransico Sanchez
Cockpit Textures: Alberto Piovesan
John MacKay
Paint Kit: John MacKay
Panel: John MacKay
Jesse Lambert
Sound: Jesse Lambert
Flight Dynamics: Jerry Beckwith
Custom Effects: Jesse Lambert
Testing: Tien MacDonald
Version: 1.1
Simulator: FS X
Cost: $20.95 U.S.
Owned and Operated by Jesse Lambert
Copyright © 2009 SkyUnlimited Productions
"Where Limitless Horizons Await"
A Developmen
t Company for Microsoft Flight Simulators
Legacy of the Sky: Texans and Harvards Vol.1
By SkyUnlimited For FSX / Service Pack 2 / Acceleration Expansion

The T-6 Texans, and their Harvard counterparts, are perhaps some of the most important and crucial aircraft in the Allied Victory of WWII. They were the cornerstones of allied training aircraft, thus earning them the nickname “The Pilot Maker.” Thousands of these beautiful aircraft were produced, and over 54 nations used this aircraft. Another testament to the Texan can be found in the fact that it was one of the few WWII aircraft to see service in the Korean War. In addition, the Texan has become a very popular racing platform, earning acclaim especially in the Reno Stead Air races. SkyUnlimited Productions has taken great measures to replicate these great aircraft in the most historic and accurate fashion for your enjoyment. The Texans and Harvards are truly a Legacy of the Sky.

SkyUnlimited's Texans and Harvards have been designed with strong emphasis on realistic flying and operations. All switches, levers, and buttons have been animated and labeled. Flight information and procedures are included in the checklist, and we have done our best to make this a true “Pilot Maker” experience.
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Version 1.1 Updates:
Added Additional Model Options (3D or 2D Propellers)
Added Specular Map capability to the Harvard

AT-6D with Conditional Animations
Harvard Mk.II
New Custom Gauges
Cockpit parts are animated and labeled.
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